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Riverside, CA 92509

QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE & DIESEL REPAIRS number one priority is YOU our CUSTOMERS, we understand how important it is to use quality automotive parts in all of your vehicles repairs, also to have the protection you need in case something does go wrong.

   QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE & DIESEL REPAIR has took it upon ourselves to make sure you get just that,

How you ask... Well let me tell you my friend.

The owners of QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE & DIESEL REPAIR have personally met with all of the automotive parts vendors in the Inland Empire, upon doing so we have found the one vendor who is willing to offer us and our customers the longest period of coverage, the best prices & quality made automotive parts.

QUALITY AUTOMOTIVE & DIESEL REPAIR has joined teams with TECHNET and by doing so we are able to offer our customers on all TECHNET PARTS, 3 YEAR / 36,000 MILE NATIONWIDE PARTS & LABOR WARRANTIES. That's right, no more getting stuck with having to pay the labor to install a part that you just paid to have installed six months ago, it's not your fault the part failed, right? If a part fails that any TECHNET REPAIR FACILITY installed, TECHNET will supply a new part and cover the labor to have it installed. Also during the complete duration of your warranty, no matter where you are in the United States! No questions asked, No hassle, No strings attached & No run around, you just bring your vehicle back to a TECHNET REPAIR FACILITY and we've got you covered. Also... During this 3 Year / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty coverage it also comes with FREE... ROAD SIDE ASSISTANCE, LOCK OUT SERVICE, FUEL or WATER DELIVERY, JUMP STARTS & FLAT TIRE REPAIR or REPLACEMENT.